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Discovering STEM together!

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Share What You Discover! Publishing Your Work | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets

Almost every week there is a news story about a new finding or discovery in science. These news stories are one of the exciting steps in the science world: sharing what you find! Helping kids share their own scientific findings will make them feel like part of the scientific community.

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Teacher Guide for Games in the Classroom

My most recent task was to create a guide for teachers to use a video game in the classroom that would advance instruction. This guide was designed to help get teachers excited about using commercially available games in the classroom, as well as provide a standards based lesson plan for its use.

Using The Settlers 7 in the Classroom

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Violence and Gender Roles in Video Games

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

It would be incredibly hard to argue that video games are a powerful learning tool that address significant cognitive learning methodologies, and then to also pretend that excessive violence and gender stereotypes therein do not affect players. A study conducted by Smith, Lachlan, and Tamborini (2003) concluded that 68% of the popular games sampled included violence, even those rated “E” by the ratings board. This study suggests that even young children who play video games regularly will be presented with a significant amount of violence from those games. Dietz (1998) suggests that video games are becoming increasingly important in the social identities of children and that violence and gender roles will negatively impact the self-identification of children who grow up playing video games.

In my opinion, while the research is not conclusive, it comes down pretty heavily on the side that children watching and experiencing excessive violence through media are likely to find violence more acceptable. Gender roles are likely to have a similar effect. However, in the same way that a teacher must use care and planning when introducing a video game into the classroom, parents must use care and planning when introducing video games to their children. Helping children identify gratuitous violence and contextualize it, can go a long way toward helping children compartmentalize that violence. In this way children, and students, cease being passive viewers of violence and gender roles in video games, but become participants and critics of the portrayal of violence and gender roles in video games. As adults, we are capable of understanding that the roles we play in games are not necessarily intended to be emulated, and teaching that to our children is an increasingly vital part of parenting.


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