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A Neat Digital Story

While searching for a digital storytelling model that I could use for creating one of my own I came across this fun reader’s theater production.  In my own classroom we’ve been doing some reader’s theater recently and the kids really enjoyed being a part of the story.  This production uses simple still images to convey the scene for the play, and the students have an opportunity to see their production. In this case originality is not the focus of the piece, as discussed by Ohler (2008) sometimes careful research can sometimes be more important than originality.

In my class we’ve also been working with using images to help us sequence a story in order to improve comprehension.  I believe allowing students to find and sequence the still images that are used for their digital readers theater would be a great way to help them push this skill one step further.  Given the time and opportunity students might even be able to create their own images,  and have them used in place of stock photos.  While this video is quite simple in scope, avoiding video and using pictures, it would be well within the capabilities of my third grade class, with guidance from the teacher.  As Ohler (2008) suggests, video can be very expensive and time consuming.


Ohler, J. B. (2008). Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press

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